Marketing Case Study – Lighting and Electrical Industry

In November 2011 – Performance Marketing acquired a new client in the lighting and electrical industry. This client, as a manufacturer’s representative for lighting & energy control products – provides education, product information, and technical support for its clients.

By creating a website that acts as a resource – we’ve had huge MEASURABLE successes in just 6 months. We promoted events, created content, posted product information downloads, created a blogging strategy and more. Here is an image of the website currently – but the graphs and statistics to follow are the exciting stuff!

Moving forward, we will focus on the data, not only as a measure of our successes, but to make intelligent decisions on strategy and future direction.

Overall Website Traffic:

Organic Search visitors went from 39 visitors per month in Nov 2011 to 300+ per month in May 2012

Why is this important? This means that people are finding the site online. It means that the content on the website is matching live searches from real people looking for lighting and energy control products and services.

Direct Traffic has gone from 69 per month in Nov 2011 to 500+ per month in May 2012

Why is this important? This shows that current customers are using & visiting the website as a resource…AND COMING BACK FORM MORE EVERY MONTH! This goal here is to “shorten your sales cycle” and use the website do the “educating” so the salespeople don’t have to. Instead of wasting time selling something a prospect doesn’t need, prospects actually tell you what they’re interested in, based on what they read, download, or opt into. Now the sales person calling on that account can continue that education process with a very targeted conversation based on the prospect’s precise needs, as opposed to figuring it out on the phone or trying to sell things that aren’t relevant to the client’s needs.

We’ve logged 10,000+ individual page views….

The client’s website is converting leads at 5.44%!

The average website converts leads at less than 1%
The average for Active internet marketers is 2 to 3-1/2%
Hubspot – the masters of internet marketing – converts at 7%

The Client’s website is ranking for several keywords that were chosen 6 months ago:

  • Ranks in top 3 positions for 19 of chosen top keywords
  • Ranks in top 10 position for 38 of chosen top keywords

Website Grade:               Start = 4               Now = 79

Traffic Rank: Top 34.9 % Alexa is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings. Your website has an Alexa rank of 10,849,921 which is in the top 34.9 % of all websites.

The bottom line results – increased interaction with your prospects and customers will result in closing more business. Now more than ever before, the results are measurable! Automating your marketing gives you the ability to quantify what is working and track the impact of your marketing dollars.

For more information on implementing similar strategies into your marketing mix – contact Natalie Young, Performance Marketing at [email protected]